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During the installation zarafa, mysql, openldap, postfix and many other dependencies are installed. The package manager will usually ask questions for some packages. You can skip all of these by. Z-Admin Manual The Zarafa Collaboration Platform ZCP combines the usability of Outlook with the stability and flexibility of a Linux server. It features a rich web-interface, the Zarafa WebAccess, and provides brilliant integration options with all sorts of clients including all most popular mobile platforms. Z-Admin enables the system administrator to set up, configure and maintain a mailserver. It is a web application, so you can use your browser to configure a Zarafa server from your own computer. Documentation includes installation instructions: Z-admin documentation. Manualzz provides technical documentation library and question & answer platform. It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

ZCP offers the zarafa-admin administration tool for managing user and groups. When using the DB plugin the tool can be used to create or delete users and groups. When using the unix or ldap plugin the tool can’t be used for creation of users and groups, but the tool can still be used to get more information about users and groups. Send As permissions.Setting up delegation via zarafa-admin is only applicable with the DB or UNIX plugin. For setting up LDAP or Active Directory see Section 8.4, “User Management with LDAP or Active Directory”. Add a user to the list of the delegate being updated as a ‘send as’ user. Configure ZCP OpenLDAP integration. Zarafa integrates with LDAP server and supports the use of OpenLDAP in particular. As Zarafa doesn’t bundle a LDAP server, this has to be setup separately uf there is not yet a server available in the environment. Please read the documentation of the used Linux distribution on how to setup an OpenLDAP.

In this manual only the server part of Z-Push is discussed, please refer to our User Manual for instruction on configuring mobile devices. Mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs can be synchronized because Z-Push emulates the ActiveSync functionality of a MS Exchange server on the server side, allowing mobiles to synchronize via over-the-air ActiveSync AirSync. zarafa-admin -u loginname--qo yes--qw 80--qs 90--qh 100 External Users. When the users are located in an external database, and the Zarafa server is configured to use these users, a lot of commands from the zarafa-admin tool make no sense anymore. An example of an external database, and currently the only option, is an LDAP database. May 30, 2018 · Tools: z-push-admin.z-push-admin is a tool which allows you to get information about configured devices, users and details about each device. If Z-Push is installed via the packages or the tools are linked during the installation, it can be called via z-push-admin as root from the command line. If this was not done. Respected user, on this page you can download Z-Admin Small Business CMS. Current program version is 1.0 2012-01-15 Z-Admin CMS is designed for web professionals -web developers, web designers and experienced web moderators. If your personal computer/server/web hosting company meets system requirements.

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